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A Project Report On Banking System

Creating a Project Template for Estimations of Time, Tasks, and Resources

This is an online tutorial that deals with building project templates. This tutorial guides project developers to create a project template with...


Displaying A RSS Feed On Your Website - A Quick Guide

This is a quick guide on displaying a RSS feed on your website. It is not meant to be extensive, it is meant to get your feet in the door of...


Properties in C# : A new cover on old book

Properties in C# : A new cover on old book is a tutorial which gives you more information about the properties in C#. Properties in C# helps you to...


Using a page by page password system using mySQL

This article deals with a page by page password system using mySQL. PHP is used as a frotend to validate or authenticate the user from the...


A Component to List the System DSNs on a Web Server

The author explains through this online tutorial about a tool which helps the developers to choose from a registered DSN's list and displays a list...


Creating a Single Sign-on across ASP.NET Application and Legacy ASP Application

Most of the membership website have the problem of allowing their members to all areas of the websites with the single sign in, this article gives...


Different CSS depending on Operating System

This script allows you to conditionally apply two different style sheets to your page depending on whether the user's Operating System is Mac or PC...


Max Tell a Friend Word-of-Mouth System 1.1

With this script, not only do friends of the visitor get a recommendation email, but you also get an email letting you know that the webpage was...


PRB: Cannot Change or Remove the QueryString Action for a Web Form on Postback

This article tells, the users could not change the Querystring action for a HTML form tag on postback and the learners can get solution for the...


Confix: A Build Tool on Top of Automake 2.3.9

Confix is a build tool for source code packages, on top of GNUAutomake.

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A Topsy-turvy Haphazard Operating System 1.0

A little operating system created in order to discover the basis of the modern operating system in practice.


A Complete, Secure User Login System

This PHP Builder column by Tim Perdue explains the user login system and relation functions, alongside the code, that they use at PHP Builder.


Examining a File Existence on the Server

Now the webmasters can check any files for its existence on the server. The author explains about this concept of checking file existence using the...


Get a live chat on your page

This is an article in which ASP users can gather more information about how to create ASP based chat program using VB script. Author says that this...


How to create a subfolder using ASP File System Object

This is an online article that provides you some tips about creating folder and subfolder. Author says that without generating folder, ASP engine...


IPM (Incyte Project Manager) 0.9.1

IPM (Incyte Project Manager) is a simple and effective PHP tool that gives solutions to maintain a project list on your websites. 'md5' encrypted...


Desktop References - A library at your finger tips!

This is an article that guides users to have a desktop references on their system. Here the author says that creating desktop shortcuts will be...


Instant Report! 1.0

Instant Report is a PHP application that helps webmasters to extract details from MySQL database so as to generate a detailed report on the...


Popularity Report 1.0

Popularity Report is a powerful online PHP application that gives a true insight on the populairty of your website on major search engines. This...


The Wonders of the File System Object

A complete overview on File System Object (FSO) is given in this tutorial that clearly describes the fucntionalities and usage of this object to...