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A Project On Library Management

Java Library Management System 1.0

The Java Library Management System is designed to help simplify the task of managing a physical library (as opposed to software libraries),...

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BookCave Library Management 1.0

A book library management module for the ArsDigita Community System (ACS).

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Creating a share on windows 1.0

This script is an example of how one would use python's win32net module to create a share on windows.


Creating a Project Template for Estimations of Time, Tasks, and Resources

This is an online tutorial that deals with building project templates. This tutorial guides project developers to create a project template with...


Registering a Component on the Web Server

Registering a Component on the Web Server is a web based tutorial which deals with storing components in a remote directory. Here there are few...


The RegularExpressionValidator Control and a Primer on Regular Expressions

The RegularExpressionValidator Control and a Primer on Regular Expressions is a web based tutorial in which the author narrates you about the...


GNU Library Management System 0.0.7

Glibms is Library management software developed using PHP and PostgreSQL to automate the different activities carried out in the library.

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Yet Another Library Management SYStem 1.0

YALMSys, Yet Another Library Management System.


zzjson, a lightweight JSON library 1.1.0

zzjson is a lightweight C library for reading, writing, querying and constructing JSON files and objects.

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Gscope: A Software Oscilloscope Library 0.4.1

Gscope is a software oscilloscope library build using the GTK and GNOME toolkits.

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Project and Process Management Software 1.0

Project and Process Management Software complying to CMMi Level5 Standards.


Biblion, a library management software. 1.0

Biblion is an administrative frontend for library administration.

Freeware - a Perl5 CGI Library 3.V

Lincoln Stein states, "This perl 5 library uses objects to create Web fill-out forms on the fly and to parse their contents. It is similar to...


UniDBTags, a JSP tag library for U2 0.0.2

A JSP custom tag library enabling direct communication with IBM's UniVerse and UniData (U2) databases using the UniObjects for Java API.

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libmail - A mail handling library 0.3

libmail is a C library intended to help programmers when adding mail checking and retrieving capabilities to their applications, supporting popular...

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a php class library 1.0

A class library of phpmysqlodbcoraclejsmemcachedsmarty.


PW a small graphics library b.1.0

PW is a small graphics and windowing library.

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libut- a server development library 2.0

Libut is a C library for writing UNIX servers or daemon processes.

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A HOWTO on Optimizing PHP

In this article, we explain why optimizing PHP involves many factors which are not code related, why tuning PHP requires an understanding of how...


Display Binary Image Data From a Database on a Web Page

This is an useful tutorial that helps you to get the binary data from the database and displays it on the web pages using response.binarywrite...