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Simple Concurrent Library - SimCoL 0.95

The SimCoL project - Scl in short - is a very simple library developed with c++ as graduation project.

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Clox Webmaster 1.I

This script is helpful for webmasters to display clocks in a row on their site with different countries time settings. This tool has different...


ContestMonkey Standard 1.II

The ContestMonkey Standard Perl based script which can be used to run a contest on your website. With this script you can start and stop a contest...


Macromedia DevNet PHP Topic Center

The Macromedia DevNet PHP Topic Center offers tutorials and articles for PHP developers, with a focus on using Dreamweaver with PHP.


Open Journal 1.00

The Open Journal allows you to keep a weblog on your website, with automated archiving of old logs (configurable to whatever time period you want)....


Stiva™ GALLERY 1.0

Stiva™ GALLERY is a PHP/MySQL based product which allows you to easily put a gallery on your website. With just a few clicks you can have it up and...

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STIVA Gallery script 2.0

Stiva GALLERY is a PHP/MySQL based product which allows you to easily integrate a gallery on your website. With just a few clicks you can have it...

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Data Structures Lab 1.0

A data structures library written with educational purposes (non-optimized).


Diagnostic tools for NIC 1.0

This is a project on development of Diagnostic tools for a Network Interface card(Model:GB-INC).


PureBasic Extension Library 1.0

PBEL is a add-on for PureBasic with many new functions.


Configuring Slide with Catalina

Configuring Slide with Catalina is an article that explains about the Slide, which is a project with multiple modules, tied together using WebDAV...


project_bwt 7

This is a research project to possible improve compression using bwt, bwt is used on the bzip2 compression library and with some tweaks it can beat...

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Dream Machine Preservation Project 1.0

Dream Machine Preservation Project is a project with the goal to create a software emulator for the Amiga computer on the Java Virtual Machine.


APMap Library 1.0

APMap is a shareware component library for reflecting numeric data on geographical maps and schemes in your programs. APMap automatically paints...


ADOdb Date and Time Library 0.01

This library overcomes the limitations of PHP's native date functions by replacing their signed integers with floating point numbers when...


Advanced Installer For Java 1.IV

Advanced Installer For Java 1.4 is a Windows Installer authoring tool with built-in support for Java applications, integrating them fully into the...


BookViewer Styles 3

Upload a text file and let users view it as a real book, turning pages with sound effects. If you have multiple books, they are displayed in a...


Contractors DatabaseO 1.0

The Contractors DataBaseO is an internet-based project collaboration and file posting tool built specifically for General and Sub Contractors. All...


Cow Time 1.0

Cow Time is multi-platform compatible. This is just a simple script that when called, places a clock on your page. You just call the script and...


Dating Agent BIZ 5.0

This is an useful script which helps you to create your own professional looking dating section on your website quickly. The script requires MySQL...