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A Program To Manage A Library


Using this program administrators can obtain a program to manage each and every aspect of their Content Management System. This program comes with...


Complete Remote Control Program 1.2.b

Complete Remote control program to manage a machine in Internet. Also it can manage Backup, WebServer, MailServer, Lan Sniffer and so on.

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DiabDiary 1.0

Program to manage a electronic diary of a diabetic person.


Hash Database Manager 0.02

A program to manage hash databases; gdbm databases etc.

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Redirect with a Dropdown Menu in JavaScript

This simple scripts show a possibility to call a JavaScript function that retrieves a variable passed from drop down box as a parameter and then...

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Hockey League Component 1.0

A component to manage a hockey league.


Decode Mac OS X Crash Log 1.0.2

A program to apply a link map to a Mac OS X crash log that came from a build without traceback tables.

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Alivesites Email Blast

Webmasters can utilize this program to have a mail listing manager for effectively managing bulk email lists. This program facilitates visitors to...



This is a program which can be utilized by the users for viewing and modifying their RSS feeds at all times. This program will be useful for any...


Fixit Knowledge Base

This program contains ASP coded modules with which you can build and manage a powerful knowledgebase to assit your customers in utilizing your...


IBiz QuickBooks Integrator 3.0.1679

Users can utilize this program to obtain a collection of components that can be used to build QuickBooks with ease. Users can easily incorporate...


PHP.Verify - Reseller Management Software 1.II

PHP.Verify - Reseller Management Software is a multi-platform compatible program developed for Internet Marketers, Software Developers, eBook...


Phpezmenu 1.0

A simple program to manage menus, CSS, body tags and copyright information site wide through one document.


Power Ad

This script will help any website owner to manage a advertisement program for his site. It keeps track of the number of times that a banner has...


statsLITE 0.1

This is a program especially built for server management. Users can utilize this as a tool in scheduling tasks on the Windows servers, since it...


Text database system (textdb) 4.3.2003

Text database system is created to manage a text database system. To use the program, you only include this text database system and manage your...


The Monster Journal 1.0

Using this program users can construct and manage a journal program for saving all their thoughts, ideas and research. This program provides users...


WHMSubs 1.0

This is a program that helps users in managing the cPanel servers for hosting plans. Users can utilize this program to manage any number of cPanel...


Bookmark Manager Pro 1.02

Bookmark Manager Pro is a program to help you manage your Internet Explorer Favorites. It provides a convenient and easy way to move, edit, and...

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Persistent Event Pool 0.15.0

C Library to manage a pool of event/task in a persistent way to assure that your events/tasks won't be deleted because of a failure.

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