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A Program That Open And Read Other Code

Open and Read content from a text file

Open and Read content from a text file is a simple ASP article where you will learn the procedures involved in file management. You can learn how...


Write and Read A Cookie

Write and Read A Cookie is a web based ASP tutorial which offers several codes for the users to enable the cookies. From this tutorial users can...


A Live Chat Support and Helpdesk Software 5.II

Omnistar Live is a dynamic live chat and customer support management solution. You may chat with your site visitors, log support issues in a...


Ask the DotNetJunkies: Using a Pop-Up Calendar and a List Control

Ask the DotNetJunkies: Using a Pop-Up Calendar and a List Control is tutorial in which the author describes about how to use a pop-up calender to...


Creating A Guestbook using PHP and MySQL

Learn how to create a guestbook using PHP and MySQL.


Display a SQL row vertically and column horizontally

Display a SQL row vertically and column horizontally is an easy to understand tutorial in which the programmers can learn about the process of...



Programmers can send their posts and receive solutions for the problems they face during the development of the program. This site answers them...

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Converting a Recordset & XML To and From the File System

At the end of this article the developers can understand the technique about how to change a ADO Recordset object into an XML document and vice...


Perl How to Program, Introducing CGI and Python (With CD-ROM)

(Deitel) A text showing how to build complete, Web-based applications with Perl, including arrays, hashes, control structures, subroutines, and...


BS/1 Enterprise - Accounting and Distribution Source Code

Multi-currency wholesale distribution and accounting software: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Inventory, Purchase Orders,...

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Creating a DataGrid that auto-scrolls

This is an article that breifly describes you about how to perform automatic scrolling of a row when the row is set in the edit mode. In this...


yunus and my other projects 2

Yunus is a simple "visual" script language.

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Translate a codebase to open source 1.0

Change source code from an existing licence (eg personal copyright) to an open source copyright such as Apache 2.

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Database Search Engine

Database Search Engine is a program that indexes and searches websites in google like style. It uses meta tags to collect site informations and...


Domain Registration Handler ( For Web hotels, or Internetcompanies )

This is a program that organizes and manages the domain names on web browsers. This program is based on ASP and manages each and every aspect of...


Script and Code Snippet Library

This is a program that allows users to have a nice place to save and manage the entire code snippets and scripts which are downloaded by them. This...


Link Code Generator -

Link Code Generator is a useful program to be used in conjunction with AllAffiliatePro, BannerClick or AffiliateClick. It replaces the old style...


@ Last Modified Date and Time 1.0

This is a program that lets the users to display the date and time in which the file was modified last. Users can view the modified time and date...


A CFML Script Engine 2.V

This is a program that provide support for MX functions, coldFusion components program, sessions scoping, stored procedure and users defined...


Access ASP Application object from a remote script

Access ASP Application object from a remote script is a tutorial that elaborates and guides users to utilize ASP application object from other...