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How To Write Readable and Maintainable ASP Scripts

This ASP tutorial aims to direct you in writing scripts effectively in ASP and more solutions are provided here to make your code easily readable...


An ASP You Can Grasp: The ABCs of Active Server Pages

An ASP You Can Grasp: The ABCs of Active Server Pages is an article which gives information regarding ASP. It gives the real meaning of ASP,...


ASP : Questions and Answers

ASP : Questions and Answers is an article which gives the answers for the questions regarding ASP. It briefly describes the difference between ASP...


Functions in ASP

ASP coders can learn in detail how to create subroutines and functions to store commonly used code so as to reduce the code length and work....



This ASP tutorial gives clear explanation about TotalBytes property of ASP Request object. And explains that this is a read-only property and shows...


ashnews 0.75

A simple program that allows you to easily add a news/blog system to your site. Includes easy installation, login/user system, news run by one...


Easy Search System 1.0

A customizable and effective site indexing/searching script. It will index over CGI, PHP, ASP and more, collecting META tags, titles, content and...


Ftmailer Pro Vs. 3.5 FTMailer Pro vs. 3.5

Ftmailer Pro Vs. 3.5 is multi-platform compatible. We're specialized in internet development with programming-languages, like PHP/mySQL, HTML,...


phpArcadeScript - PHP Flash Arcade Script 1.0

phpArcadeScript allows webmasters to open up their own flash arcade within minutes. If you are wanting to open up a new website or add an arcade to...


ST Portfolio 1.I

ST Portfolio is a dynamic portfolio program that allows you to add new items to your portfolio with ease. No more manually creating a web page,...


Nuca Outlook Plugin

This plugin show how to load a form and put It in one panel like outlook.note: It need Nuca Plugin FrameworkIf you need Plugin Interface in your...

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Star Product 1.6

This box have the title, description, product image and two buttons: "info" and "buy now"The description is limited to a number of characters if it...


Active Server Pages: Objects At Your Service

From this online ASP tutorial, you can learn the ways to create object embedded web applications through ASP. Also more information are available...


GetDiskSerial.DLL 3.0.0

The GetDiskSerial.DLL is a standard 32-bit DLL file.You can use it to read the serial number of hard disk easily. As we all know, this serial...

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JobGeni - Job Search Engine Aggregator 1.0

JobGeni is a Fully Automated Job Aggregator Search Engine written in PHP/Ajax script utilizing Ajax Google Feed API to collect multiple data feeds...

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Cakephp Facebook Integration 1.0

A cakephp facebook component with easy GUI installer with live examples to connect to apps, send app requests, write on wall, view profile picture,...

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ScroogeXHTML RTF to XHTML converter 3.6

ScroogeXHTML for Delphi(tm) is a component which can convert RTF stored in files, strings or a RichEdit component to XHTML. It is fast, easy to...


Add-in Express 2 .NET Edition

It is a visual tool for developing COM Add-ins, Smart Tags and RTD on .NET. Add-in Express implements everything required by the supported...

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dsTable 1.0

dsTable is a wraper for TDatasets and it can do many beautiful things. It's ment for small to middle size applications where speed of development...

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Short Description in products 1.0

This contribution add a short description to products in modules and products listings, in front page, categories and subcategories, manufacturers...