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A Hospital Database Management System

Hypergraph Database Management System 1.0

A database management system that is built on graph/hypergraph model.


Network Database Management System 1.0

NDBMS will be a CODASYL type database as opposed to a relational database.


BTL Database Management System 1.0

Human resource database management for Bible Translation and Literacy in Africa


A Simple Content Management System 1.3

Do you want to edit your web pages immediately? Are you looking for a simple yet powerful CMS solution? Simple CMS is a Super Easy Way to edit your...

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Ingres Database Management System (DBMS) 1.0

Ingres is a mature, high-performance relational database solution.


XQuery Database Managment System b.

XQDB is a XML-XQuery-Database Management System.

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Leave Management System 1.13

A simple leave management system in which an administrator can create a list of staff, give for different years different leave allowance and...

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dotBanner Banner Management System 1.56

A complete banner management system for small to large websites and has been tested with more than 2 million banner displays per day. Web-based...


Distributed Parts Management System 1.0

A distributed parts management system that allows for information sharing easily and seamlessly.


Pet Grooming Management System 3.1

A pet grooming management system that allows the operator to sale items, manage dogs and owners, schedule dogs for services and/or training, accept...

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Software development management system 1.0

Softmaster is a software development management system, which manages products and mid-products generated in software development process, the...

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Pre Hospital Management System 1.0

Pre Hospital Management System System is powerful, flexible, and easy to use and is designed and developed to deliver real conceivable benefits to...

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Simple Content Management System 4.0

Simple content management system (CMS) for web content publishing and editing. Unlike the other content management systems on the market our Simple...

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Pre Restaurants Management System 1.0

Pre Multi Restaurants Management System contents are easily editable, CSS editable is provided so that you can easily make design changes, and give...

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I.C.E. Coldfusion Content Management System 1.0

I.C.E. is an integrated Adobe Coldfusion and MySQL-based content management system featuring Content Management, Relationship Management, Campaign...

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Creating a News management system

This is an article in which the author elaborately describes about constructing a News Management system with all basic functionalities. The author...


Create A complete database system

The main objective of this tutorial is to create a complete database system. In this article the developers can learn to link, view, erase, append...


Content Management System by Calvin Cheah

PHP Fusebox CMS is a php based script and is a content management system which makes creating and maintaining websites easier. It requires Mysql...


Fixit Document Management System Pro 1

Fixit Document Management System Pro is a Windows compatible script that features: Easy to install installation; Comes with Access database and...


Ipplan Ip Address Management System 3.00

Ipplan Ip Address Management System is a multi-platform compatible web based, multilingual, IP address management and tracking tool based on php 4,...