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A Gps Support Sampsung

Jab:ITS Incident Tracking System 2.I

The Jab:ITS Incident Tracking System is a customer support tool which is designed in order to provide you a complete tracking capability of...


Java Applets from has a vast collection of java applets which can be used for various uses like navigation, text scrolling, presentation, image...


LiveSys 1.0

The LiveSys is a customer support system that allows users to communicate with their online customers or clients in real time and also handles...



A simple support request tracking script. It allows for users to submit problems with their hosting accounts and admins to easily see what needs to...


Php Developer's Dictionary

This dictionary focuses on the PHP language, which is an open source HTML-embedded scripting language, bringing together virtues of Perl, C++, and...


PHPNews 1.1.1

Powerful and user friendly news management software that features an installer, multiple users/access settings, short/full body news, send article...


SuportMan -

SupportMan is a simple support request tracking script. It allows for users to submit problems with their hosting accounts and allows...


SupportExpress 2.0

SupportExpress is a customer support system which is written in PHP and MySQL. It is also a professional helpdesk system for your organization with...



A simple support request tracking script. It allows users to submit problems with their hosting accounts and admin to easily see and resolve problems.


CioinaEvalOLE.exe 7.4.8

CioinaEvalOLE.exe is a COM Automation server. It can parse, evaluate and differentiate a mathematical expression given as a string. SUPPORT...

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JAIMLpad 1.0

"Java Artificial Intelligence Markup Language PAD" is a tool that manages ProgramD AI (on local or remote machines) and AIML files with...

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BackTracker 1.0

BackTracker is a GPS application built on the J2ME sdk


GPSBlueTrack 1.0

Display and track location with a GPS bluetooth receiver and J2ME device (e.


The CvsGui project rc

The CvsGui project is providing several high-end interface clients (WinCvs, MacCvs, gCvs) written in C++ using popular frameworks (MFC, PowerPlant,...

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freechoice 1.0

This is a business plan for a migration, support and integration project for government and organizations in general


EZ Software Management alpha.0.01

EZ Software Management is designed for developers who need a comprehensive support and software management solution.

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GPSylon 0.5.3

GPSylon is a Java moving map application that is able to display maps like in an atlas and show your position by the use of a gps device.

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GPSLibrary rc

Full-featured GPS library to provide a simple, high-level interface to any/all functionality required for a GPS application.

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Omnistar Live Customer Support Software Solution 7.2

Live chat and help desk software to handle all of your site's customer support from one place

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Gps Reader To File 1.0

This program will read from an active GPS device and save it to a TXT file.