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A Comparative Study Of Readymade Garment

Linux performance monitor & experiments 1.0

The project aims to develop an application which monitors the system performance with different virtual memory and scheduler parameters and publish...

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Preguntator 1.0

Preguntator is a simple application designed to help self-study of vocabulary.

Freeware - Java Resources - Java Resources implements a webpage that offers help to Java Certification aspirants. The webpage will provides support to those Java...


ASP.NET Mobile Controls: Tutorial Guide:

This book is designed to cover three areas. The first section teaches the basic concepts of mobile development, and walks the reader through the...


Dynamic Content Tree Creation

This article explains the flexibility of VBscripts in designing dynamic navigational bars for your website pages. The author has given a...


Foundation Macromedia Flash MX

If you're picking up Flash for the first time with the latest MX release and want a solid tutorial, this Foundation book is for you. It assumes...


Internet Explorer 6 as an FTP Client

This article brings out the need and the importantce of IE 6 in publishing websites on the net. The author has done a comparative analysis on IE...


Job Board Pro 2.0

Job Board Pro is a PHP application for running and managing a jobs portal website. It is written in PHP and supported by a MySQL database. It is a...


MyAdSystem 1.III

MyAdSystem is a powerful advertising management system that allows you to manage the advertising shown in your websites. With it you can obtain the...


SMS: Case study of a Web services deployment

SMS: Case study of a Web services deployment is a case study intended to give a brief introduction on web services for all webmasters. Here in this...


Tinkering with XML and Python

A major element of getting started on working with XML in Python is sorting out the comparative capabilities of all the available modules. In this...


Serial Port Control 1.5

Software developers can access various devices by utilizing the Windows API. When using an API, you gain access to a full spectrum of...

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The Complete Electronic Voltage Regulator 1.0

The files cover areas like detailed circuits, harmonics study, data sheets for various electronic devices used in the project and a SIMULINK model...


JLearn 1.1

JLearn is an application dedicated to the study of foreign languages.


GeNetDB 1

GeNetDB, contraction of Genetic Network Database, is a bioinformatic platform destined to the study of genetic regulatory networks.

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Alternative Promoter Database 1.0

This is a database project that provide not only the data about the annotation of genome wide identified alternative promoter but also the software...


Comparative Genomics Vocabulary 1.0

The Comparative Genomics Vocabulary (CGV) is a SKOS representation of comparative genomics containing terms, text definitions and synonyms of the...


Comparative Map and Trait Viewer 1.1

A comparative map and trait visualization framework enabling visual integration of genomic data from disparate data sources and allowing rich...

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CleverTracker 1.0

Cross-language and cross-platform user's action tracking framework,enabling researchers to respect user's privacy through visual controls...


SE Case Study File Manager 1.0

A case study regarding the entire software development process for education in Software Engineering under consideration of general Software...

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