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A Brief Case Study On Linux

SMS: Case study of a Web services deployment

SMS: Case study of a Web services deployment is a case study intended to give a brief introduction on web services for all webmasters. Here in this...


Adding PHP to Apache on Linux

Adding PHP to Apache on Linux is a simple article that relates about PHP installing methods. In this article the author has given an overview of...

Freeware - Technical Case Study

The site is the online companion to the wildly successful Halo 2 video game for Xbox, released in November 2004 by Microsoft. The site...


SE Case Study File Manager 1.0

A case study regarding the entire software development process for education in Software Engineering under consideration of general Software...

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Mac-on-Linux is a Linux/PPC program that virtualizes MacOS or MacOSX in Linux.

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.NET Migration Case Study: Using ASP .NET to Build the Web Site

.NET Migration Case Study: Using ASP .NET to Build the Web Site is an useful tutorial which covers the information about...


A brief introduction to ASP.NET

A brief introduction to ASP.NET is a tutorial for the programmers to learn more about the common language runtime, web forms and ASP.NET. CLR...


A Brief Introduction to JDBC.

This article provides a brief introduction to JDBC. Explains what is JDBC and how it can be used to access RDBMS. Provides a brief overview of JDBC...


Installing Apache, MySQL, and PHP on Linux

This tutorial is designed to guide you through the initial steps of setting up Apache, MySQL, and PHP on Linux.


Wii on Linux WOL 1.0

Wii would like to run Wii games on Linux.


ConvertRsToXml, A Case Study of Timing and Optimizing ASP or ADO Code

This is an online tutorial that discusses about optimizing the function ConvertsRStoXML. Author explains that this function was discussed earlier...


Installing Apache + Php 4 On Linux

Need to setup a linux web server? This tutorial will show you how to install Apache 1.3.x series and PHP 4.x series. Prerequisites are to have...


Installing Apache Web Server and PHP 4 on Linux Tutorial

This tutorial teaches the details of setting up apache web server and php 4 on a linux environment. You can download apache web server and php from...


Installing PHP 3.x for Apache 1.x.x on Linux

This tutorial speaks in detail the instructions of installing apache and php on a linux system. You can download php from the given URL on the...


CASE Tool for Linux 1.0

A free , easy to use, quality , open source CASE Tool for the Linux Platform, that supports code generation and reverse Engineering, Distributed...

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A Brief Introduction to PHP

This is a very brief introduction to PHP (what it is and how it works) and provides minimal sample code to show the basics of this language.


Picalog - a KDE2 image catalog for linux 1.0

Picalog is a KDE2 image cataloging application for linux.


So many rows, so little time! - Case Study

This is an user friendly database tutorial which holds detailed information about the usage of stored procedure for retrieving required data from...


MPE On Linux 1.0

This is an open source project to create an MPE (HP 3000 O/S) emulator for Linux.


Defrost - A framework for JPA on the Web 1.0

Use JPA entities to quickly and reliably generate (Ajax-able) HTML edit forms.