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Vbulletin Users Module 1.0

vBulletin Users module allows to share users table between Esvon Classifieds and popular vBulletin community software. User has to register only...


Multi-forum Filler/Tracker Software

Multi-forum Filler/Tracker software enables you to effectively and efficiently promote website, product or service through on-line message boards.`

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GC Guestbook

This is a php software and a guestbook in which users are allowed to select the entries from a mySQL table and can also be deleted. Features like...


TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi 6 2.0

You can now easily implement the TWAIN standard into any Delphi application with the TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi. By using the VCL components included...

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aGNeS Remote News Forum BBS 4

A fully customizable news forum BBS remotely hosted for free at Vestris Inc. aGNeS offers a fully featured anonymous BBS with tons of options,...


The Active Guest Book 1.I

Active Guestbook is fast becoming the guestbook of first choice on the web, now used on thousands of sites around the world (we have links to some...


e-guestbook Lite Edition 4.0

An attractive guestbook with a full set of features, including moderation, admin post, mailing list, icons and clipart, comprehensive usage stats...


Enterprise Payroll Systems 1.1

A web-based timesheet and payroll system that provides user clock in and out, IP restrictions, payroll slip generation, organizational chart,...


Easy Projects .NET 5.0

Easy Projects .NET is the easiest all-in-one web based project management software . It is called "Easy Projects" because it was specially designed...

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Guestbook for ASP.NET

This article describes about the guestbook presentation in which the entry can be made by the guests when they enter the site. The author discusses...


Pinboarding Pro 2.0

The top selling pinterest clone script on the web with the lowest price, most features, and free installation.

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9Rays.Net RapidTree

RapidTree is a control with combined TreeView/Grid/List functionality (multicolumn TreeView). It is the fastest tree control in the world (see our...

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Bhushan's Guestbook

This is a guestbook program that enables webmasters to build and manage a full featured guestbook on their websites. Visitors or guests can have...


Uguestbook 1.0

Uguestbook includdes, toolbar to add emoticons and formatted text to the messages, message archive, notify via e-mail to the administrator the...


WebGenie Guestbook*Star 4.4

This tool provides an online guestbook for your customers to leave comments and suggestions. This program creates the guest-book and its back...


i-Net infotech Online Bus,Train,Flight Booking Script 1.6.3

i-Net infotech, a professional Website Development company provides online PHP script for Bus, Train and Flight Booking System.

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MessageBoard II.44

MessageBoard can be used to implement a simple message board. It can carry out functions like e-mail notification and WAP/WML clients. It supports...


Bulletin Boards Ideas

How to build successful online community? What scripts and services there are avialable to create meaningful and featured message board? How to...


Instant Guest Book - without a database

This article has the ability to guide webmasters to create a guestbook with all basic functionalities. This will be of much use for the ASP users...


4nGuestbook 0.92

This script is used as php nuke addon. It allows webmasters to build their site with guestbook facility. several features of this script are,...