Latest components :: July 24th 2019

The C# PDF Library 1.0

IronPdf is our Microsoft C# / .Net library making it easy for developers to generate PDF files from within desktop applications, server...

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EaseTag Tiered Storage Filter Driver SDK

File System Tiered Storage Filter Driver SDK, is a data storage technique which automatically moves data between high-cost and low-cost storage media.

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Skater TOTAL 7.0.5

Skater TOTAL totally stops MSIL disassemblers. This is the assurance that no one will see your source code.

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Compress Mltiple CSS Files

Usually when you're using different CSS files on your site, they might take a quite long to be loaded. Using this PHP code, you can compress them...

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Javascript Hashset 1.0

A JavaScript based HasSet class. This acts like an unordered array, which can be searched for values using a native system hash. This rapidly...


nBit WYSIWYG HTML Editor Component 3.2.3

An HTML WYSIWYG Editor Component for CMS and CRM developers. Features table editing, has a built in FTP component. Data-bindable and compatible...

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Navicat Data Modeler (Windows) 2

Navicat Data Modeler - DB Design Tool for creating and manipulating data models

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EntityDAC Express 1.4

EntityDAC Express is a free ORM for Delphi with LINQ support

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EntityDAC 1.4

EntityDAC is an ORM for Delphi with LINQ support. It provides a framework that allows performing object-relational mapping of database objects to...

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Advanced code editor. Syntax highlighting for lot of languages (more than 120 types). Supports UTF8 encoding. Multi-carets and multi-selections....

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dbExpress driver for SQLite 3.7

dbExpress driver that defines common interface for access to SQLite from Delphi

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dbExpress driver for PostgreSQL 3.7

dbExpress driver for fast access to PostgreSQL databases from Delphi.

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dbExpress driver for InterBase 4.7

dbExpress driver for fast access to InterBase and Firebird databases from Delphi

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MyDAC 8.6

MyDAC is a library of components for direct access to MySQL from Delphi

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Easy CSS Menu Free Edition 4.3

Easily create cool drop-down CSS menus for your website. Many elegant design templates are available, including modern glossy styles. Features...

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LiteDAC 2.6

SQLite Data Access Components for Delphi

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Navicat Data Modeler (Mac OS X) 2

Navicat Data Modeler - DB Desigin Tool for creating and manipulating data models

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Product Comparison Script 1.0

Product Comparison Script is a smart PHP based app suitable for various e-shops offering a wide range of products and services. The compare script...

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Employee Crowdfunding Software

Completely new and outstanding way for employee empowerment & employee retention via employee crowdfunding platform for your company crowded by...

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WeBuilder 2015 13.3

Intelligent and powerful all-in-one code editor for web development. Edit HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, ASP etc. within single program. Clean...

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