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Author: wpcubed GmbH

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WPDF - The PDF PDFPrinter 2.51

wPDF is new tool to create PDF files directly from your application. It can either use the WPTools TWPRichText control or its compatible 'Canvas'...

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WPReporter 4.08

The new add on for WPTools v2.x. It is system to create master client reports to be saved as RTF files. Since the template form is also a RTF file...

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TextDynamic 1.0

Do you develop an application which works with formatted text? Do you need to create PDF files from RTF or HTML documents? Do you need a full...

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WPTools 5.18.1

WPTools is a suite of native Delphi/C++Builder components to create and edit formatted text. The central part is a complete WYSIWYG word processing...

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