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Simple Php/mysql Hit Counter

A very simple hit counter that tracks visits per site. Also a basic introduction to Session Management


Phpfreak's Database Backup Utility 1.0

This script will allow you to maintain a database backup at any time interval you set. When you upload it to your server, you may set it up on a...


Phpfreak's Php Source Highlighter 1.x

This script was designed to allow showing the source file of your script. If someone is asking for help via IRC, Message Boards or whatever, you...


Php Logging With A Flat File

Learn how to write your own Log Files using PHP. A great introduction for writing to files, using sessions and PHP Predefined Variables!


Overriding Php.ini With No Access To It!

Sometimes not having the power of a System Administrator can be a drag, especially if it's on the hosted server where your website lives. This...


Installing Apache + Php 4 On Linux

Need to setup a linux web server? This tutorial will show you how to install Apache 1.3.x series and PHP 4.x series. Prerequisites are to have...


Custom Error Documents With Apache/php

Want to direct all of your Error 404 Not Found errors to your website index instead of displaying that plain and unlpleasant looking Error page?...


Alternating Row Colors With Php/mysql

Conquer those cool alternating row colors inside your tables with your MySQL results.