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Matt Kruse's Bookmark Tree Creator 1.0

Submit your Netscape bookmarks file to this script and it will return a full expandable Javascript tree with all your links. You can then copy this...


Matt Kruse's Current Web Activity Script 1.0

Provides a snapshot of current activity on your web site, sorted by individual visitors so you can see who is viewing what, when and in what order.


Matt Kruse's HTML Replace Script 1.0

If you need to generate pages with the same look but different content, this will help. Simply put tags in your HTML template document and send it...


Matt Kruse's Perl Scripts

Many Perl CGI scripts including: Form Response Mailer, Comments Page, Countdown Script, WWW Access Statistics, Access Counter and more.


Matt Kruse's Tip of the Day 0.9

This script uses a combination of Perl, JavaScript and Cookies to create a nice Tip of the Day pop-up window. Each visitor will see the tip of the...