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Url: : Components, Scripts, Codes Listing EzCounter 1.0

A full-featured counter program that will count all visits to your site. Count all pages at once or each individually. Also, turn page reloading...

Freeware EzTime 1.0

An easy to use script that helps you display server time on unlimited pages. Customize the font size and face, and choose what to display.

Freeware FileDownload 1.0

Monitor the files your visitors download. It has an advanced admin and auto-installer.

Freeware Pagemailer 1.0

A simple script that allows your visitors to email the contents of your web page, or the portions you specify, to their friends.

Freeware PageRecommender 1.0

A customizable recommendation script that allows visitors to suggest your webpages to others.


They have many scripts ranging from simple to advanced.

Freeware' ezBanner 1.0

A comprehensive system for maintaining banner ads on your site. Banners can be displayed via SSI or JavaScript. Multiple banner groups can be...

Shareware ezFormCreator 1.0

Easily create unlimited dynamic HTML forms. No Perl knowledge is required to display inline error messages.

Shareware FileManager 1.0

An easy to install and use script to manage your server files without FTP. Create new folders, upload files, edit existing files, delete files and...

Shareware's Ezgallery ?'s Ezgallery multi-platform compatible. ezGallery is a webserver-based software product suite that fully automates the process of...

Freeware's ezPhotoRate 1.0

A program for webmasters to create a photo rating website. Allow visitors to rate pictures or see how they are ranked by submitting their own photo.

Shareware's ezPoll 1.0

Create, maintain and run online polls on your website. Define when polls start and expire, either by date or number of submissions.

Shareware's Link Popularity 1.0

This script is designed to check the number of web sites that link to your site.

Shareware's PageSnooper 1.0

A small script that grabs HTML source code from other sites and displays it on your site. It will display JavaScript codes if present.

Freeware's Pix Of The Day 1.0

This script allows you to automatically display a new picture everyday without uploading or editing HTML pages. Uses SSI or JavaScript to display...

Freeware's Server Info 1.0

A simple but useful script that displays your servers environmental variables, some programs' paths and installed modules. It is template driven to...

Freeware's Tell-A-Friend 1.0

A customizable script that allows visitors to suggest your web site to their friends.

Shareware's Valid Referer 1.0

This script will detect linkings from other sites to a particular page and redirect them to a defined page.


ezProtector 1.0

An advanced member management and password protected directory system for Apache servers.


ezCard 1.0

Maintain a searchable database of ecards. Features music, font color/size/face, stamps and background/border color. It also allows users to send a...


ezGallery 1.0

A product suite that automates viewing, publishing, maintaining and marketing a webbased multimedia gallery. It supports all image extensions,...