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SillySearch 2.3

Searches through a directory on your website for pages containing words that the user enters into a form. Users can search for all words or any one...


SillySite 1.0

Lets a user design a simple HTML page and have it emailed to them. Users can choose colors for the page's background, text, and links and a...


SillySite! 1.0

SillySite v1.0 is a simple web page design program. There are a limited number of built-in graphics and colors so that a person can quickly create...


Scripts for Educators

Our scripts are intended for educators but can be useful to anyone. They include site search, a quiz, mailing list manager, web page creator,...


RandomQuiz 1.0 - Beta

A CGI random quiz generator. Teacher/admin may add to a pool of questions and multiple-choice/true-false answers with the admin interface. Through...


CGI-Subscribe 1.5

A simple web interface which allows users to add their name and email address to a list. With the admin interface, you can send out periodic...