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Text Message Parser Generator Generator 1.0

In a nutshell it takes as input the formal specification of any text protocol in ABNF and generates the parser in C language for that grammar using...

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Visual FLTK 1.0

WYSIWYG IDE/RAD tool based on FLTK.


WinHelp Decompiler 2.1.3

helpdeco dissects HLP help files (WinHelp) of Windows 3.

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MDGen - Model-driven J2EE code generator 1.0

MDGen is a UML class model-driven J2EE code generator.

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Magitime 3.1

Magitime is user-friendly connection tracking utility monitors online time, expense, data transfer. Magitime usually detects all types of...

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Autogenerated SMReport 1.6

Contain the components for automatical report creation from data in TDBGrid, TDateSet, TStringGrid, TDecisionGrid, text file etcShot features...

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Regions Foundation Class Library 1.0

The RFC is lybrary for quick and easy creation and using Regions and Regions Lists without any keeping in mind resouces loosing.Provides the next:...

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Atom components 1

This software was created for fast access to Oracle database without using Borland Database Engine, SQL-links, and ODBC drivers. Main...

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TPrintDecisionGrid 3

TPrintDecisionGrid is advanced descendant of standard TDecisionGrid with ability to print / print-preview report pages.It is native Delphi 3, 4 or...

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TIAeverMainMenu and TIAeverPOPMenu 2.08

Component Provide next:Real semi-transparence 5 kinds (mkSimple,mkWide,mkRects,mkSimpleCorner,mkWideCorner )Free selection of Back Bitmap for each...

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Yet Another C/C++ library for CGI programming. Simple and easy to use tool for CGI programming in C/C++. Can be used free as long as credit...


YACGI Simple E-mail Handler 1.2

This script uses YACGI library and mail or sendmail Unix programs and will take the input from a basic form and send it to the correct recipient.


WebRSH 1.1b

WebRSH is a CGI program which implements a general purpose web-based computing shell. It provide a command line interface, file manager, text...


The Matrix Codebreaker ?

The Matrix Codebreaker is a multi-platform compatible script that goes through a set array of numbers/letters, and one that randomly chooses...


Team development method for PHP

An article explaining a method faciliating team development of PHP projects.


Show & Sell 1.07

Allows you to display and track advertisements on your web site. Features include : a simple and quick installation process, a user friendly form...


PHPMyGeneric 2

Encode a WEB GUI for MySQL databases in MySQL tables. Features database search by two fields, sorting by any field, automatic recognition of...


Painted Pages Tool ?

Painted Pages Tool is a Macintosh compatible Web Page Color Javascript Tool. The workings in this program promises to generate for you exceeding...


Onkeydown Html 4.0 Demo 1.0

Onkeydown Html 4.0 Demo is a multi-platform compatible script that uses the onKeyDown event handler in Javascript to type in a certain sentence no...


MRTG Viewer 2.0

This script will display MRTG graphs and compare the last update time of the file with the server. Then it displays which links are updating and...


Mail Form Handler 4.0

Free, highly customizable CGI script that processes HTML form input and prints it in email and onscreen. All customization is done from within the...


Java News Ticker -

The News ticker can be set to one of three speeds, and the text displayed can be set to anything. Also, the background color and the text color can...


gs2phpfont 1

Perl script that converts GhostScript fonts to PHP fixed-width fonts.


FTP Logger 1.2.1B

Small Perl program to analyze WU-FTPd logfiles by making HTTP reports on times file has been accssed. When you choose the file you get statistics...

Freeware 0.1

The well known beJewled game in a Perl version.


Day Predictor ?

Day Predictor is a multi-platform compatible script that will find the day for a selected date. It will also validate the selected date.

Freeware 1.0

A simple SSI based graphical counter. Counts visits to a page based on requesting IP, uses a simple log file to prevent reloads from adding to the...


Binny's Guestbook 1.00.C

This script collects visitor information from the public and stores it in a file for viewing. It also includes a self-created acknowledgment page....


BG Volumina 0.3

A bibliographic database script kit. It enables you to create, append, search, read, dump, sort and edit a bibliographic database in flat file...


Axes Of Symmetry ?

Axes Of Symmetry is a multi-platform compatible script with 1, 2, and 3 axes of symmetry. One axis is good for drawing faces, and three axes is...


Access Logger 1.0

This script generates a database enabled site counter and page access stats.