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VistaDB .NET Edition 2.1.5

.NET Edition is the #1 embedded database engine alternative to Microsoft Jet/Access and MSDE for building robust small to midsize .NET database...

7.5 MB

VistaDB Server 2.1.5

Provides true SQL server backend database management support for applications developed using VistaDB .NET, VistaDB VCL and VistaDB COM. VistaDB...

2.6 MB

VistaDB VCL Edition 2.1.5

VCL Edition is an alternative SQL database engine to the BDE/Paradox for building robust small to midsize database applications using...

9.6 MB

Apollo ASP 6.I

This is a program with which developers or programmers can utilize a multi user Apollo engine with ASP to handle FoxPro, CA-Clipper, NSX/SMT and...


Apollo.NET 6.I

This is a program that comes with a DataReader, DataProvider and an API to facilitate the programmers to develop database applications on ASP.NET....