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Strings Unit 1.0

Delphi 1.0/Delphi 2.0 string compatibility unit. Delphi 2.0 has long strings, and uses the SetLength and SetString functions to manipulate them....

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DOSEnv 1.0

Flexible support for getting and setting environment variables. Can allocate new environment segment for passing an altered environment to a child...

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FltMath Unit

FltMath unit to help floating point math in Delphi. Provides access to rounding modes & exception mask. Implements approximate floating point...

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Unsigned 1.4

This ZIP archive contains the Unsigned unit, for implementing unsigned 32-bit integer comparisons in Delphi. For Delphi 1.0, you must also download...

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Bmp Resource

BmpRes unit declares LoadBitmapResource function to load a bitmap resource, including its palette.

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AppIcon 1.0

AppIcon unit provide a Canvas for drawing a minimized application's icon.

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