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Wasp Javascript

Idoox WASP JavaScript enables Web Service scripting using JavaScript. JavaScript serves as a powerful scripting languagefor flexible Web Service...


Rotateit 1.0

A powerful content rotator, databinding, slideshows, image gallery viewer, variety of custmizable transition effects and more.


Pop Up Window Wizard 1.0

Use our comprehensive pop-up window wizard to set window attributes (menu bar, tool bar, location, directories, status bar, scroll bar, resizable),...


Mass Mail Maker 1.0

Send out emails with JavaScript and HTML inside. Send to multiple email addresses at once through your browser.


marKart Shopping System 1.0

An e-commerce solution for businesses that are particularly interested in selling subscription sales and software downloads. marKart is designed...


Control Panel

Control Panel will allow you to manage your entire server by letting your customers add, edit, and delete web pages and e-mail addresses, including...


Color Pick Wizard 1.0

This wizard has a 256 grays palette and a 512 color palette. Both the hexadecimal values and colors are displayed when a selection is made. Two...