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Author: Stephan Bren


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KB100006: Troubleshooting ASP.NET on IIS 1.IV

In order for ASP.NET web pages to run properly on IIS, it must have properly defined mappings that associate each of the ASP.NET files types with...


KB100007: How to re-install ASP.NET on a Windows platform 1.III

If you want to run ASP.NET web applications on your local computer, you must have both Internet Information Services (IIS) and ASP.NET installed....


KB100013: How to create a secure, stable server-side data access component for a Microsoft Access da 1.IV

When developing your web-based application, you'll most likely move application data access (and business) logic into compiled components. If your...


KB100014: Three easy methods for compiling your ASP.NET components 2.III

A common task in N-tier .NET web application development is compiling components. You can compile components in several different ways, either...


How to build a rating system that allows users to rate your online articles and then see the ratings 2.III

If you publish articles on the Internet, you might want to capture user feedback to get an indication of the article's usefulness to your target...


How to build a simple XML web service using .NET Framework tools and a text editor 2.III

XML Web services are the fundamental building blocks in the move to distributed computing on the Internet. Open standards and the focus on...