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Author: Slobodan Dmitrovic

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Make your own custom report

Learn how to make custom print preview. Customize Rave report and make your own Custom Rave report. This report example has all the features you...

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Create PDF Documents from Delphi

Learn how to create fully customized PDF documents from Delphi. Formatting, text, graphics in PDF documents, all that just by using Delphi. No...

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Working with Forms and Graphics in Delphi

Create fancy animated splash screen ,pop up dialogs, alerts for use in your applications. Animate your windows and give your application a...

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Numerical input, formatting, currency, date, 'Access like' fields

Create numerical input edit box. Learn how to deal with currency, formatting , dates . Create 'Access like' fields. Move through controls using...

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Retrieve useful information from registry

Learn how to retrieve useful information from registry like processor name, user name, current windows version and more.Full Delphi source

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