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Author: Sergey I

Country: Lithuania
City: Vilnius Zip code: LT-06118 State: Vilnius county
Address: Laisves av. 125A   Phone: +370 52 77 33 15   Fax: +370 52 77 33 15

Sergey I : Components, Scripts, Codes Listing

SentiVeillance SDK Trial 6.0.183849

Real-time biometric face recognition and pedestrian/vehicle tracking SDK for surveillance systems and networks. Supports up to 10 cameras on one...

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SentiMask SDK Trial 1.0

Real-time 3D face motion capture and tracking SDK for development of augmented reality apps, digital character facial expression control or mapping...

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SentiSculpt SDK

Automated 3D object model creation SDK. 3D scanning performed from sets of photos taken with regular smartphone or still camera. Point cloud...

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SentiGaze SDK 1.1

Eye movement tracking with webcam and PC, no specialized hardware required. The technology demo app shows real-time gaze tracking and heatmap...

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