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Author: Serge Dolgov


Serge Dolgov : Components, Scripts, Codes Listing

QLib 1.0

QLib is a javascript based program which is used for implementing several objects to different browsers. This tool offers different objects like,...



This scripts helps the users in creating sound effects to the games by outputting an audio clip via midi or wave interface. It also helps users in...


Progress Bars 1.0

Progress Bars assists the webmasters to include image bars with their site pages of javascript enabled websites. Any number bars can be created...


Hashing Strings 1.0

Hashing Strings is a JavaScript, which calculates the 32 bit hash code of a string implementing a method of QControl. It is basically designed for...


Clickable Dynamic Label 1.0

Clickable Dynamic Label is a JavaScript, which can be incorporated into your web pages to enhance the value of the contents and the look and feel....


Buffered Sound 1.0

Buffered Sound is a multi-platform compatible script that lets your visitors not just see but hear your site. With QSound class it's as simple as...


Amazing Buttons And Checkboxes 1.0

QButton control can be customized to serve as a normal button, a double-state checkbox or even a web-button. When disabled the button turns dimmed....