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Author: Pie-Tools

Pie-Tools : Components, Scripts, Codes Listing

TPieMainMenu 1.0

TPieMainMenu is a powerful TMainMenu component and supported the following additional features:Background picture,user defined MenuHeight,user...

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TPieComboBox 1.0

TPieComboBox is an enhanced TComboBox with the following additional features:each item supported his own color, font, hint, glyph,TPieComboBox...

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TPieList 1.3

TPieList is an enhanced TListBox-Component with the following features: each item supports his own color, font, hint, helpcontext, glyph, TPieList...

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Pie-Tools 1.4

This pack includes the following freeware components: TPieValidateEdit, TPieExtValEdit, TPieDBExtValEdit (enhanced TEdit-components with...

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TPieValidateEdit and TPieExtValEdit 1.0

This EditPack icludes the components TPieValidateEdit, TPieExtValEdit and TPieDBExtValEdit.TPieValidateEdit is an enhanced TEdit-Component with the...

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TPieCheckBox and TPieButton 1.0

TPieCheckBox and TPieButton are a powerful component pack.TPieCheckBox could be made transparent, supported Wordwrap and any Styles and...

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