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Author: Pete Freitag


Pete Freitag : Components, Scripts, Codes Listing

CFX XML Parser 1.0

CFX_XMLParser is a Fast Java CFX tag 1000% faster than the MSXML Parser invoked through CFOBJECT (CFOBJECT based parsers also tend to buckle under...


ActivEdit for ASP 1.0

ActivEdit for ASP can be used for content management systems, web site builders, intranets, resume builders etc. It can be used anywhere in place...


Activedit For Jsp 4.0

Activedit can be used anyplace where you would normally use a HTML text area, and wanted to let your users format the data. Activedit examples:...


Activedit Web Content Editor 2.V

A WYSIWYG editor that replaces textaras with HTML editor. Lets content managers create HTML content without knowing HTML.