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PDJDBGridEx 3.00

The PDJDBGridEx it is new generation of data award components for Delphi. Like improved replacement for native vcl TDBGrid component with much more...

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TPDBCheck 1.50

CheckBox which allows to use:ImageType: 7 different glyphStyle: bvNone, bvLowered, bvRaised, bvRound, bvSimpleColorFont: ColorFontIn,...

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TPDJDBComEdit 1.50

DBEdit component with additional SpeedButton. Button has properties: Glyph, custom or ButtonGlyphKind (15 different Glyph), ButtonCaption,...

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TPDJStartUp 2.00

Allows you run application on Windows start-up.

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TFLabel, TRunLabel, TURLLabel, TEmailLabel, TTriDLabel 1.0

Contains five components:TFLabel: Flashing labelTRunLabel: Scrolling label caption TURLLabel: Activate programs for browsing of internet...

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PDJDBSearch 1.00

TPDJDBSearch is component for quick search of record in specified field of the table. For the search indexed field in table is not necesarry. Parts...

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PDJSillyTools 1.00

Package contains 3 components: PDJSillyRadio, PDJSillyGroup, PDJSillyRadioGroup - extended versions of corresponding components.

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