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Author: Olivier Dahan

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MKQB Report Expert 3

MKQB Report Expert is a end user runtime report manager. It can be connected to any TDataset to produce professionnal reports.The product is using...

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OD Web SQL Mananger IB/FB 1.2c

OD Web SQL is a free admin tool for distant (Internet) Interbase / Firebird databases. Powerful, easy to use, get access to your distant IB/FB on a...

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OD Dsk Info 1.01

uODDiskInfo is a Delphi library offering procedures and funcions to acces disk and file information (shell, size, attr, icon..). Supplied with a...

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Olivier Dahan Glyph property Editor 1.1

Delphi TPicture, TBitmap, TIcon property editor displaying all images on screen for quick selection. Image effects as convert to gray or rotate...

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E-Naxos DataGen 1.2

E-Naxos DataGen is a test data generator is a software that can fill a database with meaningful random data to:Test the behavior of an existing...

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MKQB Data Export 3

MKQB Data Export expert is a delphi component for D7 allowing to export data to 12 different formats including CSV, XML, SQL, ... and even Palm...

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MKQB III Visual Query Builder 3

MKQB III is a Visual Query Builder supplied as a component for Delphi. Let your users query their data the way they want without any...

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OD ADP 2.0

OD ADP: Alias Definition Printer. It analyzes all defined BDE Alias and print or display their definition. Simple and useful.

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OD VIEW TB is a table viewer, editor with a lot of built-in utilities: export, print, analyse structure, etc...

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Database Structure Printer 7.5

Database Structure Printer analyses any database and returns its structure (tables, index, ref int, ...). It can also generate a dictionnary. Works...

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