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Author: Nicolai Eduard Gancerenco

Nicolai Eduard Gancerenco : Components, Scripts, Codes Listing

TgnDBGrid 4.0

Use this new DBGrid to improve your work:Set ScrollBars visibility (ssBoth, ssVertical, ssHorizontal, ssNone )Select the color and font settings...

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TBkgDBGrid 3.0

DBGrid with some additional features:Flicker free Pictured background Own transparency for backgroundOwn color and own color font for selectionOwn...

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TgnAntsPanel 1.0

An animated AntsMarch that border the panel. Very good when you use many panels and visual components. Let the user to locate fast the current (...

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Water Effect 2.3

This component simulate a water reflection - alike Java applet. After a lots of tests, author fixed the maximum dimensions for image at 320x240,...

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TgnCoolMenu 3.0

Have you bored to use standard menus? Than spend some time and take a look at this VCL.Each header or item can have the own background color and...

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TgnEdit2k 2.6

Total replacement for standard TEdit VCL. Isn't a TWinControl anymore.Now you can have on your application an edit box that can be: transparent,...

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TgnRadio Button 1.0

This is a multimedia replacement for radio button with three picture positions (check, uncheck and disable ) and alpha blending transition. Now you...

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