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Author: Michael Baytalsky

Michael Baytalsky : Components, Scripts, Codes Listing

Context Scripting Suite 1.20

Context Scripting Suite is a component library desinged to compile and execute scripts using TCtxScript component. Context Scripting is shipped...

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Remote Assistant 1.2

Remote Assistant is designed to help developers in providing customers with better help & support over the Internet or LAN. It is a fully...

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DBISAM ADO.Net Provider 2.0.0

DBISAM ADO.Net Provider is a data provider designed to communicate with DBISAM Database Server by Elevate Software from an application or ASP.Net...

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Context Database Designer 2.05

Context Database Designer is a great tool for designing and managing database schemas. It provides the full cycle of database schema design and...

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Context Database Extensions 2.05

This is a component library desinged to enhance database related functionality provided by Borland Delphi/BCB VCL library. It combines some generic...

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