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Author: MiTeC

Country: Czech Republic

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MiTeC System Information Component Suite 11.0.0

The most complex system information probe in Delphi world.

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XPing 4.0

Extended TCP/IP ping with multiple workstations test and domain evaluating and exploring. Sessions can be saved and restored.

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MiTeC ADO Query 1.0

This application manages any databases suppoted by Microsoft ActiveX data Objects (need to be installed). It has built-in powerfull query tool,...

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MiTeC Computer Information 1.0

Windows Management Console like aplication providing large amount of system information.

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MiTeC SystemInfo Bar Pro 4.5

Small infobar showing in base status time, date and saint's day (editable), in advanced state memory status, memory status scope, calendar, alarms,...

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MiTeC WMI Explorer 1.0

WMI object explorer with WQL query


Process Viewer for 95/NT 3.0

System utility to browse and manage processes, services (only NT) , windows, system info and performance in Win95 / 98 / NT including hex editor to...

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MiTeC DFM Editor 5.3

Editor for Delphi Form Files:Hierarchical Object TreeSyntax Highlighting Source EditorSearch and ReplaceForm PreviewObject InspectorExternal...

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MiTeC OLE/COM Object Explorer 1.1

Tool for exploring OLE/COM Objects sorted by CLSID, Type Library, Application ID and Interface.Retrieves complete source from Type Library in...

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MiTeC PhotoView 1.0

Image viewer with thumbnail band for fast navigation. Provides EXIF information, RGB/I histogram and some basic image processing tools. It can...

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MiTeC OE Reader 2.0

Reader class for standalone files containing Microsoft Outlook Express 4 (*.idx,*.mbx) and 5, 6 message database (*.dbx).

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MiTeC Interbase Performance Monitor 2.2

InterBase 6.x Performance Monitor. It scans and shows some parameters of Interbase state such as:Memory and CPU usageReads from memory buffer...

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MiTeC Icon Explorer 2.0

Application for browsing, searching, extracting and managing icons files and libraries.

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MiTeC MDI Tab Control 1.4

Component for MDI children control with no affection of MDI child source.

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MiTeC File Explorer 1.3

Windows Explorer-like component.

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MiTeC Journal 1.0

Interface unit for event logging and debuggind. Demo and Jounal file viewer included.

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MiTeC Database Connection Dialog 1.0

Dialog for logging to any database by entering alias or server name.

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MiTeC MSA Query 1.2

This application manages MS Access databases using DAO (need to be installed).It has built-in powerfull query tool, BLOB editor, data editor,...

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MiTec Interbase Query 4.4

Firebird/InterBase 6.x management tool.+ Powerful SQL Script Editor (result is in text format not in grid).+ Object Explorer+ Metadata Extracting+...