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Author: Martin Djernæs

Martin Djernæs : Components, Scripts, Codes Listing

Header Files for the Icmp.dll 1.0

This is a translations of the Microsoft header files for the icmp.dll module. This offers Ping abilities in a easy way.

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TmdSMS 1.0

A component to send SMS messages to GSM mobil phones via a gateway supporting the ETSI PS Standard - UCP (Universal Computer Protocol) - for the...

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TmdURLLabel 1.2

A Web link component. When LabelType is set to AUTO, it makes it self look like a normal label, when no web browser is installed and like a...

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Compiled Date 1.3

Expert which gives you access to the date of compilation in Delphi. A fake expert which gives you the date of compilation in Delphi.

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ShareWare Lock 1.2

A class which can protect your VCL from beeing used in programs when they not are registered.

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