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Author: Martijn Tonies

Country: Netherlands
City: Berghem Zip code: 5351 PD State: NB
Address: Hoessenboslaan 56   Phone: 1111111   Fax: 1111111

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Database Workbench Pro 5.6.4

Cross database engine developer IDE for PostgreSQL, InterBase, SQL Server, Firebird, MySQL, Oracle, NexusDB, MSDE and Sybase SQL Anywhere

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TupDragAcceptFiles 1.1.1

TupDragAcceptFiles gives you instant file drag 'n drop support from the Windows Explorer. Only one event to implement and a few properties to...

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TupTrayIcon 0.8

Use TupTrayIcon to put an trayicon in the taskbar, near the clock. Assign popupmenus to the properties and off you go! Easy-to-use and freeware......

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TBrowse For FolderDialog 1.1

The TBrowseForFolderDialog dialog is the easy-to-use Delphi way for the SHBrowseForFolder API function. It gives you the standard Windows browse...

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TTipOfTheDay 1.5

Today, every application has its Tip-of-the-Day dialog. And yours can have one too! With this component, displaying a Tip-of-the-Day dialog is as...

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TTiler 1.4.2

Event wanted to tile your (MDI) form background? It looks cool and it's easy to do... if you use the TTiler component. Supports tiling, centering,...

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TupBrowseForFolderDialog 1.5.1

TupBrowseForFolderDialog gives you a wrapper around the SHBrowseForFolder API function. Browse for folder/printers/files/computers.But, there is...

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TUPClick Splitter 0.7

TUPClickSplitter gives you a Netscape like splitter control. Is has a handle that can be clicked to remove the control next to the splitter. Click...

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