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Author: Lucian Wischik

Lucian Wischik : Components, Scripts, Codes Listing

Scrplus Screen Saver Development Kit 4.0

A New Saver wizard to make it easy to write screen savers. Also with some components, source code for lots of example savers, extensive tutorials...

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Audio Sampling Component 4.1

The audio components include TRecorder and TFFT (non-visual) to get the data in from the microphone and fast fourier transform it, and TWaveView,...

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OpenGL components for multiple Installable Client Drivers (ICD).

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DBits gives direct access to the raw bits that make up a bitmap. It helps with DirectDraw, DIBSections, palette management and animation, and...

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Tool Services Browser

Tool Servies are the interface with which experts communicate with the IDE. You will find yourself using Tool Servies when you write your own...

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Tools Services Browser 4.0

The Tool Services in BCB let you add experts, menu items etc. to the IDE: this Tool Services Browser lets you experiment with the API visually...

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This expert lets you browse through the components that make up the IDE itself, and spoof click menu items and buttons.

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Animation Timer 4.0

AnimTimer is drop-in compatible with the regular TTimer. But it is much faster. And also uses a special multi-threaded design so that, no matter...

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