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Author: Laszlo Szathmary


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Tech Helper's Help 0.1

This script can be used by the users to save all text file contents in the windows clipboard. It will be an essential one in creating template...


Subtitle Cutter

This is a perl script that performs the function of cutting file like in to seperate divisions by specifying both the start and end time...


self split 0.2.1

This is a script that splits a file in place ie, if you want a movie of 700 MB to be split into pieces of 15 MB, then you need a little more space...


Perl to Java regular expressions tutorial

Perl to Java regular expressions tutorial, which give proper guidance to the user who are familiar with perl can get a similar expression in java....


GraphViz Java API 0.1

GraphViz Java API is a powerful java application capable of locating the exact positions of dots in java scripts. This online tool is effective in...


File Assemble 0.2.1

Using this program, users can save the space occupied by the files. This program uses the 'append' function of files in C which adds the content of...


Copy Path To Clipboard

Users can utilize this script to copy the path of an existing directory to the windows clipboard. It starts its process as soon as a parameter is...


Copy Text To Clipboard 0.2

This script provides users facility to copy the text files contents into the windows clipboard. By using this script users can copy the contents...