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Author: Klemen Stirn


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This is an online resource centre for PHP where a wide range of PHP scripts and programs are available as free downloads for visitors, especially...


PHPGcount 1.0

PHPGcount is a javascript enabled PHP based hit counter application independent of SQL database. This counter can track all your webpage hits and...


PHPcount 1.0

PHPcount is a PHP based SQL independent online counter software that has the ability to monitor the total hits for your websites. You can use this...


PHP reciprocal links manager 1.0.1

LinkMan will completely automize your reciprocal links exchange. It will require webmasters to place a link to your website on their site before...


PHP Click Counter 1.I

Ccount is a PHP click counter. With its help you can count clicks on any link on your website. A great tool if you want to know how many times a...


MBoard 1.0

This MBoard can be used to create non threaded discussion forums for discussing issues online. This PHP application is independent of database and...


MBoard PHP message board 1.1.2002

A message board that is ideal for webmasters who don't need or want big forums on their sites. It doesn't require any SQL databases. It stores all...


GBook PHP guestbook 1.3.2002

With this script you can setup a guestbook for your site. No MySQL database is required to run this script. It supports smileys, email notification...


Ccount 1.0

Ccount is a powerful click tracking software that assists webmasters to track and monitor their webpage hits. This PHP program uses text file for...