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Author: Kai Blankenhorn


Kai Blankenhorn : Components, Scripts, Codes Listing

snif 1.3.2002

snif is a script based on php to manage downloads and maintain your downloads without creating and changing HTML files. Features like automatic...


PHP vCard class 2.I

PHP vCard class is a vcard specification useful for maintaining contact lists. Supporting features are, saving names, addresses, phone numbers, fax...


nntp2rss 1.IV

nntp2rss is an application written in PHP serves as a link maker to get latest new from news groups by using an RSS reader. This RSS makes access...


FeedCreator class V1.5.1

This is a fantastic RSS feeder for anyone wishing to publish news on their website from other news sites. It complies to the standards of RSS 0.91,...


BrowserEmulator fopen functions 2.0.1

The BrowserEmulator fopen functions is a class which offers you various features such as sending custom header lines, GET or POST requests,...