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Author: Joe McCormack


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Shadelayer Highlighter 1

There will be lot of important contents on your web page that merit the attention of your visitors, but go unnoticed. This script alleviates you of...


Referring URL Probe 1

Referring URL Probe is a JavaScript that can easily search using the search engines to determine whether you?re a visitor currently viewing your...


Js Xml Document Reader

If you have sections of your web pages that are frequently updated, such as a table of links, or you have advertising, announcement, or message...


JIM-Control 1.III

The JIM-Control was developed to be a very powerful and flexible tool for delivering content to internet users through web pages that is both...


Dynamic 3D Y-Axis Rotation Modeler 1

Dynamic 3D Y-Axis Rotation Modeler can be incorporated in your web pages to implement objects that can put objects at any specified location and...