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Indigo 404 1.0

Let's face it, we all hate those ugly and uninformative Page Not Found error messages when a page no longer exists or cannot be found. This script...


Indigo Amazon Books 1.0

This simple script can be used to search Books. When a user clicks on a book they are taken to the relevant product details page at...


Indigo Gallery 2.0

This script is one of the best when it comes to Flash image galleries. This Flash 7 image gallery has many configuration options which can be set...


Indigo Link Guard 1.0

This script is not like like many others. This script does not require constant editing or any admin console to add files. Just put the files in...


Indigo SlideShow 1.0

A simple yet functional slide show written in Flash MX 2004 and PHP using Ming. This slideshow can easily be integrated into an existing layout....