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Author: Igor Andronov

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TIACircleHandle 1.0

Oscilloscope diapason handle.Component Provide next:Two styles Two Handle kinds Free content of diapason selections (any number of items) Skins for...

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TIAeverMainMenu & TIAeverPopMenu v 2.08

Component Provide next:Real semi-transparenceFive kinds Free selection of Back and Main Bitmap(could be transparent) for each.Free Graphics Bar...

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TIAAnyIndicator 1.0

This is Really any indicator on segments/matrix basis.Use AnyEdit.exe (free) editor to create your own any indicatorall segment types and matrix...

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TIACubeIcon 1.0

This component is based of DIrect3D ver. 7.0 and require install it first (Used library for DirectX 7 from with some...

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TIALiveIcon 1.0

This component is for form Icon Animation by Bitmap consequence.Component Provide next:Any frames number of animation consequence for icon Icon...

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TIAeverRGNAnimate 1.0

This component is for representation of connected consequences of (Bitmap+Region(HRGN)) (frames) at any free selected component- descendant of...

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NVIAC Library 1.0

Developed for inserting of new visual properties at visual components:Cascading Semitransparence - universal for any component typeExternal timing...

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TIACircleHandle v 1.0

This is component -oscilloscope discrete diapason selecting handle with multiply graphics options.Component support next features:Two stylesTwo...

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TIAeverButtonPRO v 1.22

The Button:39 default forms + User defined form;9 Styles of Button Border;3 Styles of gradient fill;Multyline caption with 3 aligningGroup...

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