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XML Data Mediator

XML Data Mediator as the name implies is a powerful XML software capable of transforming documents to and from XML and structured data formats....


Thin-Client Framework

Thin-Client Framework is an advanced java applications with which you would be able to create and run e-commerce applications through model view...


IRC Client for Java

IRC Client for Java is an easy-to-use, enhanced, Java-based IRC chat client that allows access to online chat features from a Web browser. It...


IBM developerWorks Live! Technical briefings

Programmers can find three types of briefings first one is by geography, second one is by country / religion and the last one is by type. They can...


EJB exception handling

Learn to code for faster problem resolution on EJB-based systems / Advanced Java.


Develop rock-solid code in PHP

This is a tutorial that teaches the users how to form rock solid codes for building web applications with php on their websites. The author of this...


DeveloperWorks: Getting to know Midgard

This is an article where users are taught by the author about the using of midgard that is a php open source system. This tutorial permits the...