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Author: HomeGrown Software Development

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HomeGrown Sprites

TSpriteBox and TSprite are a pair of components for easy sprite animation. TSpriteBox is a drawing surface for TSprite. It also displays background...

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TWave class, TWavwPlayer, TSndBitBtn & TImageSnd

TWave class allows you to include WaveAudio data directly in your components and therefore in your *.DFM and *.EXE files just like graphics....

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Disk Duplicator 1.0

It is a utility which creates an in memory image of your floppy disks and allows you to copy it back as many times as you want. Unlike many...

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TDirNavigator 1.0

Homegrowns DirNavigator component is a recursive directory navigator. With a single call to the Navigate method TDirNavigator will walk the...

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Four Delphi 1.0 & 2.0 experts: MemExpt Resource meter to spot resource leaks (16bit only!)CompExpt Adds copyright info and comments to a new...

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Screen Saver Expert

A project expert to create a 32 bit screen saver application. This version is enhanced to include code for the new Win95 preview function. Required...

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ThgPassword 1.0

Homegrowns password protection component (ThgPassword) encapsulates PASSWORD.DLL which controls access to any application using the component....

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