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Author: Helmuth J. H. Adolph

Helmuth J. H. Adolph : Components, Scripts, Codes Listing

DebugDelphi - Debug terminal for Delphi 2.3

DebugDelphi is a tool to display programmed error messages in a window.Just include the interface to DebugDelphi in the Uses-statement of the unit...

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Diadem-D - Distributed Applications Debug Monitor 2.1

Diadem-D is a set of tools:a client (DiademC) that can be executed on multiple PC's collecting and displaying messages of applications developed...

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ProDelphi - Source code profiler for Delphi 19.0

Source code profiler for Delphi (runtime measurement).Most important features:Built-in viewer,Caller - Called graphCyclic storage of measurement...

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ProKylix 3.3

ProKylix is a source code profiler for Kylix. With ProKylix the runtime of methods (procedures and functions) can be measured.Features:Action...

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ProDelphi.NET 4.0

ProDelphi.Net is a tool to measure the runtime of programs written in Delphi for .Net.The principle of source instrumenting, the sophisticated...

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