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Rent A Tag

This is a tag which initiates the users to purchase a service for handling this tag to work under a safe and secured environment without the need...


PowerFAQ 1.0

This is a program where the users can build websites with the front end frequently asked questions. The users can make search for the questions and...


Gilgamesh Solution's Web Services

This is an useful web service program for the users in creating flexible reports as documents for your CFML web pages. You can generate documents...


ForwardLink 1.0

This is a program which gets the webpage url and redirects the user to the form and creates an email with CFMAIL and the link will be forwarded to...


DynamicMS 2.0

This is a program where the users can build documents like powerpoint, word and microsoft excel and can control the font color, size and type of...


DynamicMSS 1.0

DynamicMSS is a program which acts as a tag that allows the users to create a single paragraph. The file stored in the server can be shown to the...


DSelect 1.0

This is a script where the users can select font color, font size and font family for the texts in the drop down menu. The users can add list of...


DTextArea 1.0

This is a program where the users have the ability to choose the fonts, colors, font size background colors for the text. This program initiates...


DBBrowse 1.0

This is a script which describes about the function of browsing table in the database by the users. This program permit the users to update...