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Author: G.F.Weis


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Sending Email in C# for Asp.Net

Using C# for Asp.Net helps us to learn how to send emails with or without attachments and also integrate SQL for storing addresses. This article...


Global Error Handler in C#, Part 2

Global Error Handler in C# is a new concept by the author in this tutorial, in which he describes the methods of error handling. The author...


Getting Information on Current Visitor

All the webmasters would be eager to know about how many vistors peeped into their sites. This article shows the path to trace out the details of...


General Purpose Sql Function

General Purpose Sql Function is a tutorial which defines an user defined function which is used to run non query Sql statements. The author in this...



This is an easy to learn article for the novice. This article guides users in adding the dropdownlist box control in the ASP.NET and inserting the...


Connections in Web.Config for Multiple Computers

Connections in Web.Config for Multiple Computers is an article which describes the method for getting the connnection strings of the web.config...