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CodeRush for Visual Studio .NET 1.1.6

CodeRush for Visual Studio .NET help developers and managers meet these increased demands for quality and functionality, by boosting productivity...

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ExpressPrinting System 2.1

Like all Developer Express technologies, the ExpressPrinting System helps you put control back into the hands of your end-users via a runtime...

2.6 MB

Express Quantum Tree List Suite 3.2

A 100% Native VCL control library, the ExpressQuantumTreeList represents the most advanced tree-list technology available for VCL developers. The...

2.4 MB

Express DB Tree Suite 1.3

The ExpressDBTree Suite provides you with a series of powerful and easy-to-use tree controls for the display of recursive data in an application....

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Express QuantumGrid Suite

A grid designed specifically for Delphi and C++Builder developers with the following features:On the fly runtime grouping and sorting capabilities...

1.3 MB

ExpressSpreadSheet 1.0

Like other Developer Express technologies, the ExpressSpreadSheet offers you power and simplicity of use. With only a few property settings, you...

1.6 MB

XtraGrid Suite

The XtraGrid Suite was engineered to take full advantage of .NET and Microsoft's vision for the future. Both its design and implementation...

19.9 MB

Express Inspector 2.0

Introducing a suite of data aware and non-data aware components to help you display data in an efficient and compact manner while enabling full...

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ExpressLayout Control

At the heart of the ExpressLayout Control lies a basic concept - You place controls within its 'groups' - the equivalent of container controls such...

1.4 MB

ExpressScheduler 1.0

ExpressScheduler represents our answer to the countless developers who have asked us to deliver a scheduling library to market with all the...

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ExpressDBTree Suite

A DBTreeView control designed around the MS commctrl, that is Fast and Optimized for database applications... With unique smart loading technology...

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The ExpressQuantumPack is the most decorated VCL component pack in the industry - winner of 4 Delphi Informant Readers Choice Awards. The...

2.4 MB

XtraEditors Library 2.0

The XtraEditors Library is a 100% C# component suite designed and optimized for Visual Studio .NET. The XtraEditors Library is a revolutionary...

6.2 MB

Express FlowChart Suite 1.2

The ExpressFlowChart is designed to help you present charts, schemes, hierarchies, and graphs of any complexity with minimal coding and programming...

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Express OrgChart Suite 1.3

The ExpressOrgChart is a fully functional VCL component (both data aware and non data aware), designed for the display and editing of hierarchical...

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ExpressBars Suite 4.1

The ExpressBars Suite is the most advanced Toolbar, Menu, and SideBar navigation system for Delphi and C++Builder developers. This 100% native VCL...

1.2 MB

ExpressNavBar 1.1

Providing easy and intuitive navigation options within an application is the goal of every software developer. The ExpressNavBar Suite gives you...

1.4 MB

XtraBars 3.0

XtraBars allows you to bring the user interface elements and application customization features introduced in MS Office and Windows XP to your .NET...

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