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X11 Named Colors Palette

This program is helpful for web designers who wants color value and their name to design their site with different colors. This program displays a...


URL Aliaser

URL Aliaser is an useful javascript application with which webmasters can display their URL addresses with various names but with a same target...


Save Link Method

Save Link Method program is built in javascript which helps users to save the link of a browser to a page. According to the browser type it saves a...


Magic Link

This script is based on javascript which is helpful for webmasters to open their web page link in new window when their site visitors click on...


Load Xml Document Method

To load an external XML file into our page, users can use this method named 'Load Xml Document', which enables them to display the data obtained...


JavaScript Source Code Compressor 1.0.1

Tool for compressing JavaScript source code. Eliminates comments, white spaces, line feeds, and other unnecessary characters, making your...


Javascript Forums, etc.

Free forum for JavaScript programmers of all levels who would like to discuss or ask questions about JavaScript and DHTML.


Get Current Style ?

Get Current Style is a multi-platform compatible method for retrieving style information set in either a CSS style sheet, a script block, or inline.


E-mail Hider

This is a simple and easy to use online email protector that helps only authorised users to access email addresses on web pages. This script hides...


Cool Countup 1.0

Script for creating a stopwatch that you / can place on your webpage. Includes Start, Pause, Resume, and / Reset buttons. Completely customizable...


Cookie Utility Class 1.0

Cross-platform JavaScript utility class for creating, reading, / and deleting cookies. Cookies can be either session or persistent. Has ability /...


Cool Countdown 1.0

Script for creating a digital countdown to zero timer, that you can place on your webpage. Includes audible alarm, Start, Pause, Resume, and Reset...

Freeware is a specialized web site of javascript and technologies. The user can make use of this website from javascript CSS,XHTML, DHTML and...

Freeware Forums Forums feature topics relating to JavaScript such as DHTML, Strings, and Regular Expressions. There is no cost, and you only need to...


Browser Sniffer Class

Browser Sniffer Class is a simple program which is built in javascript that allows users to find the details about browser. It gives information...