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Window Move-To

Webmasters using this javascript code are able to place the windows in their desired position automatically on the screen by specifying the X and Y...


Popup Closer - Button

Visitors who like to close the popup window can make use of the buttons offered by their webmasters using these scripts. This script is easy and...


Popup Closer - Click Anywhere

Visitors at times need not like the appearance of the popup menus for a longer time, for this purpose, this script offers a code that makes the...


Popup Closer - Image

When the webmasters like to enhance the appearance and interactivity of the website, then they can offer image links to their users that allow them...


Popup Closer - Timer

Webmasters like to display the popup window on the screen for a few seconds or few minutes. For this purpose, this script offers an easy code that...


Hold Window Focus

Sometimes, small popup windows on the sites will be out of focus. To overcome this problem, Webmasters can use this code to find out whether such...



csClickTracker is a perl based online link management tool by which you can create and manage as many as links for your website. You have the...


Auto Window Resizer

Webmasters like to change the size of the window sometimes, using this code it will be extremely easy for them to alter the size of the window as...


"BYE" Popup, onUnload

If the webmasters have to thank their site visitors for visiting their sites, then they can use this easy script for opening a popup window...