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Author: BrandsPatch LLC

Country: United States

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TEllPath - control for showing lengthy file paths 1

When using a TLabel control to display file or directory paths it isn't long before the need arises to display a path that is too long to fit in...

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TURLLabel 1

A TLabel descendant with the look, feel and behavior of the HTML Anchor element - hover over the label and its caption text is underlined.

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Delphi Associative Arrays 1

JavaScript/PHP style associative arrays in Delphi

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Improved Random Number Generator 1

A technique for generating robust random number sequences using the Windows CoCreateGUID function is described.

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TRealList 1

A TStringList like class for the storage, manipulation and management of lists of floating point numbers.

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PlaySounds 1

A demonstration of the Windows PlaySound function can be used from within a Delphi application

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Embeded Forms - Admin Control Interface 1

A technique for embedding one form inside another with a view to creating an IIS style Admin Control interace is described.

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Delphi Application Localizer 1

Localization is the process of converting an appliation so it functions under a specific locale. We present a method for doing this without having...

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Javascript Quick Reference/Cheatsheet 1

A free printable quick reference card/cheatsheet for Javascript.

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TWinWrap 1

A Delphi wrapper for the WinInet API

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